**The value of hiring a professional photographer**

“Working as a professional photographer, specializing in weddings and events”, says photographer Alessandro Iasevoli, “I often  ask couples soon-to-be married (and I also ask myself): why do you want to hire a professional photographer for your wedding photo shoot?

In my opinion, the value of the photos depends on the couple’s “age” … let me explain myself better….

Before getting married, most couples visit quite a few photographic studios to better understand what they really want and what style of photography might be more suitable for their wedding pictures.

Once they have chosen their favourite photographer, they can relax as they have made a big step in their wedding plans.

Then the big day arrives, they experience an unforgettable day and soon after they leave for their honeymoon. It might be the case that a few days after their wedding, with their consent, their photographer posts some of the wedding pictures on Facebook or Google+ and, while the couple is abroad enjoying their honeymoon, all their friends post tons of messages to say how gorgeous they were on the wedding day… so… as soon as the couple is back home, they can’t wait to see their wedding pictures!

Maybe one year after their big day, they have not looked at their wedding photos for months…

On their 20th wedding anniversary… how exciting… already a big part of their lives together! …but it’s been years since they have thought about their wedding pictures…

Years have passed by again and …they have become grandparents… their weddings pictures have been stored aside somewhere in their home and when they show them to their grandchildren, they are impressed by how young their grandpa and grandma looked and how weirdly were people dressed in those times… So those old wedding photos have now become more interesting and valuable than ever. This is the moment! The reason why they were taken in the first place and why you hired a professional photographer to realize, print and collect them in a stylish paperback photo album.

Thank goodness paperback photo albums still exist! High quality photo albums preserve the value of your pictures, are made to last in the years, keep the emotions and the memories to pass on to future generations!

Photos courtesy of Alessandro Iasevoli photographer and lovely couple Laura & Alessandro