Roman Weddings

Private Beach

Five-star luxury hotel near Rome, with spacious rooms and lobby furnished with antiques from the 15th and 17th centuries and precious artworks from around the world. The elegant villa’s gardens include exotic plants and Mediterranean fragrances, and guests can view the horizon from the large terrace overlooking the sea, while savouring the refined creations concocted by the hotel’s chef, who has been awarded one star by the Michelin guide. The foundations of this villa rest on the ruins of a Roman villa, built by an influential nobleman sometime around the second century B.C.: enjoy an intimate candle-lit dinner for two in the Museum inside the villa amidst archaeological finds that are over two thousand years old.


Minimalist Grandeur

A truly one of a kind experience. This luxury art hotel in the heart of Rome is a place where luxury and feeling at home interweave to create a new hospitality concept. This 5-stars luxury boutique hotel is the ideal venue for your Roman event and to explore the beautiful capital while enjoying top-notch contemporary accommodations.


Roman loft

Very versatile venue with plenty of outdoor entertainment space, just outside Rome on the old Appian Way.


Pure Elegance

Ancient Palace in the heart of Rome.