British citizens getting married in Italy

British citizens getting married in Italy

British Nationals who wish to get married in Italy must obtain a Nulla Osta from the appropriate regional British Consulate in Italy. To obtain a Nulla Osta you must prepare the following paperwork (assuming both parties are British Nationals and reside in the U.K.) and send everything to RSVP so that we can post everything to the regional English consulate in Italy:

• Full Birth Certificate (showing both parents’ names); there is also a shorter version of the Birth Certificate but this is not accepted. In cases where the name on the birth certificate differs from the one on the passport (except following marriage), deed-poll showing change of name

• Passport (copy of passport if you are applying from outside Italy)

• According to the Italian Law there must be two witnesses (European citizens): please send us copy of their passports too

• Certificate of No Impediment (when notice of marriage given in UK) – You must give notice of Marriage to a UK Superintending Registrar. After 23 days of the publications of banns, the registry office releases a document called a “Certificate of No Impediment”. Important: you have to get 2 different certificates of no impediment (one for the bride and one for the groom).

• Consent of parent or guardian when under the age of 18

• Evidence of termination of any previous marriage of both parties, if applicable, (i.e. death certificate or divorce decree absolute) together with the previous marriage certificate. Under Italian law a female who has been divorced and wishes to re-marry in Italy cannot re-marry until 300 days have passed from the date of her divorce. It is possible, however, to apply for a dispensation to this through the ‘Tribunale Civile’. Further information should be obtained from the ‘Ufficio Matrimonio’ of the ‘Anagrafe’ (Town Hall) of the area where the marriage is to take place.

After the Consulate has inspected the paperwork they will issue the documents to RSVP again so that we can present everything to the registry office/officiant.