**A Very Special Guest**

“It is not a question of trends”, says Elisa Guidarelli, professional wedding dog sitter, “it is more about having your loyal companion close to you during one of the most important days of your life”.

Your furry friend, the one who shares highs and lows in your life, cannot miss your wedding day!

Despite the special relationship between dogs and their owners, unfortunately they are often kept away from the big day event for fear of them causing disruption. And here comes the professional wedding dog sitter who takes care of all the aspects of looking after your four-legged friend with a 5-star treatment! In addition to ensuring that your dog feels happy and looked after throughout your wedding day, the wedding dog sitter will prepare your dog from head to paws by giving them a luxurious grooming treatment and by accessorizing them for the special occasion (bearing in mind their dignity and comfort) and stay with them for the whole duration of the day.

Wherever possible, your dog could even take an active role in the ceremony by carrying the wedding rings for the bride and the groom. A dedicated photo-shoot can also be arranged for your doggy.

“In order to work with dogs you need boundless love for them and the utmost respect for the animal. Lots of experience and a special sensitivity towards them are essential to this job” says Elisa founder of Wedding Dog Sitter ®.