**Your love story through comic-strips**

Wedding and event invitations set the mood and style for the whole event and, for this reason, they deserve a great deal of attention to detail.

Are you a fan of comic books? Fancy being original and unpredictable? One of our selected suppliers, Soap Bubble Design, amongst other styles, has created an amazing range of wedding stationery based on comics. Read on and you will feel inspired.

Kamila of Soap Bubble Design says: “each couple has a story to tell about their relationship. It is not only about their first date but also about their engagement or their amazing summer adventure and so on… We, at Soap Bubble Design, were thinking about how to design unique invitations that will truthfully describe such unique love stories.

We are fans of comic books. Therefore, we thought that the comic book style could be the perfect way to present a story of the wedding couple. At the beginning this idea seemed slightly risky, but shortly afterwards it became clear that this is what our clients wanted! Wedding couples have fallen in love with the comic book style for the invitations.

Usually our clients come with an idea for their comic book style invitation. And if they don’t, we are happy to help them create a unique design. This is how we created for example the “Star Wars” project. We think that even George Lucas would be impressed with these invitations”.