Bridal lingerie – tips and tricks

Spring is in the air, the wedding season is at the door and you are getting ready for your big day: on this very special occasion you don’t want to leave anything to chance, every single bride-to-be wants to feel like a princess and wants to feel great outside and…underneath! Your wedding gown is as important as your bridal lingerie and deserves the same attention to details, this is why we have asked professional advise from our friend Adelina, founder of Swedish luxury brand MiraMollis, who will give us some precious tips and tricks for choosing the best lingerie:
1. Choose your lingerie before your wedding dress
This will ensure you are able to tailor your outfit according to your lingerie: a strapless bra under a bustier dress, figure-shaping high briefs or a bodysuit under a tight set… You can also harmonize your fabrics i.e. lacy lingerie with a lacy or embroidered dress. While the best choice under a fine, smooth fabric is a smooth bra that does not leave a visible outline.
2. Get professional advice
Many women wear the wrong bra size and especially as a bride to be you should get yourself measured professionally: this not only ensures you are wearing the right size and your breasts are getting the right support but also ensures the cut of the bridal dress is completely tailored to your bridal lingerie.
3. Go for white, a hip nude… or red!
You should preferably go for lingerie in an off-white or skin tone if the bridal dress is in a traditional white or champagne, although some reds are also very discreet under a light white dress. And red is the colour of love and seduction: a sensual touch for your wedding night!

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Photos courtesy of MiraMollis