An alternative wedding list

I think my mum still uses her Sixties’ style pressure cooker, a very useful and long-lived gift from my parents’ wedding list. Saucepans, cutlery, mugs, serving dishes, and tea sets were traditionally what couples wished for. A natural choice of items for young couples that had never experienced life together and for which marriage represented the first step into the world of adulthood. Things have substantially changed in recent years as couples tend more and more to experience life together before tying the knot. Very popular have become honeymoon wedding lists and charity wedding gifts which I totally appreciate, however, a valid alternative is to invest in the arts! Beautiful art objects will decorate your home for years to come and will be passed on to the next generations. Here are some of my favourite pieces, of Italian art, of course. Photos courtesy of Le Dame Made by Italians

Mosaic is a gift of great expressiveness.  Following mosaics are by Italian artist Dino Maccini 

Silenti passaggi

“Silent Steps” by Dino Maccini

Rosso Ardesia

“Red Slate” by Dino Maccini


“Portrait” by Dino Maccini

L origine

“The Origin” by Dino Maccini

Unione Simbiotica

“Symbiotic Union” by Dino Maccini

Home sweet Home…Coppo is a unique work of art. A two hundred years old tile that usually comes from Italian medieval houses. After a long selection process, Coppo is dried in the oven at low temperatures and than worked as a sculpture. Each piece is unique, numbered and signed by the artist. Coppo are also enriched with handcrafted miniatures of different materials as silver, gold, swarosky according to your wishes. Coppo is on demand and designed respecting all the details of the facade of your house.


Tradition Italian Coppo

Fine porcelain

Studio Forme Servizio

“Studio Forme” tea set



Limoges eggs




Mileto Vaso Oro


“Atlante” by Marco Donnarumma


“Atlanta” by Marco Donnarumma


“The Thinker” by Marco Donnarumma


“The Dual” by Antonella Tanzini


“Three Graces” by Antonella Tanzini