Dare to be different with eco-friendly bouquets

Welcome back dear followers and welcome to 2014! I am very glad indeed the old year has come to a close, as you might know, we Italians we are a tad superstitious about numbers and 13 is not one of our favourites… so in order to celebrate the new year and start afresh with lots of good tips on how to make your wedding fabulous I have thought I would talk about chic eco-friendly wedding bouquets and yes, I definitely think you don’t need to sacrifice style over substance in order to save the planet.
If you decide to go green I think there are two options you can explore – you can use real flowers, but in this case we are talking about eco-friendly flowers. If you choose cut flowers that are in season and that are grown locally you will probably get better quality and price and the choice of different flower varieties is quite good especially in the summer months. In Italy, for example, delightful poppy or daisy bouquet are always in season!



The alternative to real flowers is to go for a chic flower-less bouquet – you could be spoilt for choice if you decide to go down this route and here I want to give you some ideas – I love vintage crystal brooch bouquets made of Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls, brooches and buttons. They would look fantastic especially for a winter wedding theme.

??????????????????????????????? Large Teadrop shower DC bouquet    Vintage China Brooch Posy DC Bouquet

Photos courtesy of DC Bouquets

If you want something less romantic but more playful and effective why not have a bouquet made of candies or lollipops


Candy bouquet

Or a beautiful confetti (Italian for traditional sugar coated almonds from Sulmona) bouquet that will last for years to come if you resist the temptation of eating them. Yum!


Photo courtesy of Delights of Italy

And if you are an arty crafty type of bride you can opt for DIY giant paper, crepe or felt flowers – very trendy, colourful and very Carrie Bradshaw style. There are many tutorials on the internet that tells you exactly how to make them.

paper 1

Bouquets made of feathers, seashells, Christmas baubles, butterflies, buttons and other unique items are also a real statement of personal style that can set the theme for the whole wedding.

Seashell bouquet courtesy of Etsypink feather bouquetfeather bouquetbutterfly